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Guardian Oxygen concentrators GAA 10L/min


10L clinic double  home oxygen concentrator SA

LoveGo-10 L/min Oxygen concentrator Price:R16,995  Incl Vat 

GA-10 L/min Oxygen concentrator Price:R19,995  Incl Vat     

All Oxygen Concentrators machines in South Africa must be registered with SA Health product regulatory Authority SAPRA.

Also to be able to claim from Medi*al Aid.

We tried 9 different Oxygen concentrators and only 2 could produce 5 and 10 liter oxygen with 95% Purity.


Not all info on the catalogue can be trusted specially when it comes to purity of the oxygen.

Ask your dealer to connect Oxygen purity tester to the machine and check purity.

ICM Industries Address:   7-73 Capital Hill Midrand RSA

Special price 19 April 2024   GA-10  Oxygen concentrator 10 litre/minute Price:R19,995  Incl Vat

10% discount for Quantity over 5 Machines.

   Midrand SA South Africa      0113123393  ,  0827076900  


    Special price 19 April 2024   GA-10  Oxygen concentrator 10 litre/minute double output   Free Nebulizer

Dealer discount for quantity of more than 5.

95% purity  on 10 Litres/min Double flow, 29 kg.       011-312-3393    (weekends and After hours  0827076900)

Majority of our Competitors machines have no Purity gauge and real purity of much lower than what catalogue says. Ask them to test the purity with oxygen analyzer machines.                                                                                                                                           

  10 Liter machine GAA
ZY-10ZW 10L Oxygen Concentrator has high quality, can be customized according to requirements.
Oxygen Flow Rate range 10L/Min( can be adjusted 1L-10L/min)
Oxygen concentration 95% 3% (1-10L/min)
Noise Level 55dB
Outlet Pressure 20kPa-70kPa
Product Size 390*370*730mm
Package size 475*465*830mm
G.W/NW 32/29KG
Rated Power 550W
Power Supply AC110/220V, 50/60Hz
Color White

Tel: 011-312-3393    (weekends and After hours  0827076900)    *Oxygen concentrators have many uses at present we sell only for industrial uses.

All Oxygen machines have to be registered with SA Hea lth product regulatory Authority SAPRA otherwise are illegal product.

Very important: It is impossible to use portable machine more than a few hours per day the machine does not last, no matter how expensive it is.


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