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Pulse Oximeter finger SA     


  Special price 19 April 2024   Price:R295    incl VAT   Item no. OXIMETER

10% discount for Quantity over 5.

  • Auto-shutoff after 5 seconds of no operation.
  • Small and compact size
  • Light in weight and convenient to carry around.
  • Suitable for home use
  • Can be used in measuring the pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate through finger.


Guardian Oxygen 24 hours concentrators. Please read the whole page.

 GAA 5-7L And 10Liter/minute with OXIMETER Gauge.

GAA5-7  Oxygen concentrator 5-6litre/minute Price:R13,795    Incl Vat 95% purity  on 6 Litres/min  17 kg.   with Remote control and voice. State of art machine Oxygen Purity 95% on 10 L output. Read more 5

Lovego home oxygen concentrator011-312-3393    (weekends and After hours  0827076900)

10 Liter /minute GA-OX 10 Oxygen concentrator 10 litre/min Double flow Price:R24,495 Incl VAT 93% to 80% purity on 10 Liter/min,  For patients weight over 90 kg.

Nebulizer R250  Our quotation are valid only for 5 days Courier delivery by to any address in South Africa   

*Oxygen concentrators have many uses at present we sell only for industrial uses.

Portable Oxygen concentrator 

Very important: Please do not ask any info about this machine till you have one of above machines at home and tell us what litre per minute you set the machine.

Price: R19,495 Incl VAT   Item no. OC3PB In stock  incl carry bag and trolley.


Portable with battery and cigarette lighter plug

1. Oxygen density: 30%-90%

2. Power Consumption: 90W

3. Operation voltage: AC220V/110V10;50/60Hz1

4. Sound level:  ≤40dB (A)

5. Output pressure: 20kPa ~ 60kPa

6. Total weight: 5.4kg 


Standard Features 

1. Advanced PSA technology;

2. LED display the total working hours;

3.  Intelligent Self Diagnosis System;

4. Quotation includes: Bag, Lithium Battery & AC / Car Adaptor 


Advanced Features 

1.Portable design with battery and for car

2.Small size & light weight.

3.Intelligent diagnosis system; 

4.High efficient filters keep away most impurity and bacteria.

5.Suit only for out of the house operation.

6.Heat balance system ensure longer life span.

7.Easy to operation. One switch control/Remote control.


High concentration masks R95 each for 10L/min machine only. does not let oxygen escape.

Hydrogen Bottle Water


CPAP Machine

(for sleep apnea)

3 Liter Oxygen machine portable low concentration on 5L without battery R7500

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